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The Questions to Ask After an Accident

If you are wondering what will be happening to your car after an accident, then you are somewhere you will get answers. If you still haven’t known what you can do with a totaled car, then you are among many other car owners with the same question. Now that you are here, you must be asking yourself so many questions. The excellent thing you settled here where you are about to learn some of the questions to ask after being involved in an accident.

When dealing with some essential questions to ask after an accident, you need to consider asking whether your car is already totaled. It doesn’t have to happen that your vehicle becomes totaled even a severe accident. That is why it is an essential question to ask so that you get all the information on how totaled vehicles should be like. You cannot know the type of coverage you get from your insurance if you still haven’t known if your vehicle has been totaled. Most of the insurers will cover those cars which have been totaled or cover for a total loss. You cannot just tell if your car is totaled by looking at it. When vehicles involved in accidents are damaged, and repairs cost more than their worth, this is when they are compensated and called totaled.

If you just got an answer that you have a totaled car, you still haven’t received any help yet. Now that there are so many options of that totaled car, you should be able to settle for one. The many options you could have are about your car and if the coverage is going to keep the whole of the totaled car or the remains. The thing is, the insurance company will not be keeping the totaled vehicle for long but will auction it to the spare parts companies and get whatever the amount it could be worth.

Another part of the questions to ask is whether you can keep a totaled car if you wish to. It could be that the totaled car has some great meaning to your life and that is why you want to keep it and asking is the least you can do. In case you have always wanted to keep your car no matter what, then you need to confront your insurance and talk about what needs to be cut and what you can keep and whether the money which could be given at the salvage is cut from your insurance. After that, you get your compensations just as per your coverage had stated. All the answers to the questions to ask have all been answered to you about that totaled car of yours.

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